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    RecommendBitcoin FaucetPayment WalletPayment TypeMinimum RewardMaximum RewardIntervalLink
    FDM ePayePayInstant113 satoshi359 satoshi60 minVisit
    EarnBitzFaucetBoxInstant100 satoshi30000 satoshi60 minVisit
    BitGamesDirectMinimum-100000600 satoshi50000 satoshi60 minVisit
    CetoBetoDirect & FaucetBoxMinimum-100320 satoshi520 satoshi100 minVisit
    GitCoinDirectMinimum-10000100 satoshi10000 satoshi5 minVisit
    FreeBitBoxDirect & FaucetBoxMinimum-500000360 satoshi250000 satoshi360 minVisit
    CoinZoneClubDirectMinimum-1000001000 satoshi10000 satoshi60 minVisit
    RocketBitcoinDirectMinimum-25000200 satoshi200 satoshi30 minVisit
    BTCFixerFaucetBoxInstant60 satoshi100 satoshi90 minVisit
    SwissAdsPaysDirectMinimum-43000350 satoshi2000 satoshi60 minVisit
    RecommendBitcoin FaucetPayment WalletPayment TypeMinimum RewardMaximum RewardIntervalLink
    ShamansCoinsDirect & FaucetBoxMinimum-100320 satoshi520 satoshi100 minVisit
    GameofWeightDirect & XapoMinimum-2000050 satoshi361 satoshi5 minVisit
    BirthdayBitcoinFaucetBoxInstant500 satoshi3000 satoshi480 minVisit
    BlockchainStatsDirect & XapoMinimum-20000100 satoshi10000 satoshi60 minVisit
    BitalerFaucetBoxMinimum-1100 satoshi1500 satoshi60 minVisit
    LemonBitcoinFaucetBoxInstant110 satoshi1200 satoshi60 minVisit
    SunBTCFaucetBoxMinimum-2000068 satoshi210 satoshi60 minVisit
    WaterBitcoinFaucetBoxMinimum-6000275 satoshi1000 satoshi60 minVisit
    PlayBitcoinFaucetBoxMinimum-6000150 satoshi250 satoshi10 minVisit
    250SatoshiFaucetBoxInstant100 satoshi320 satoshi360 minVisit
    RecommendBitcoin FaucetPayment WalletPayment TypeMinimum RewardMaximum RewardIntervalLink
    AuttoNetworkDirectMinimum-10000250 satoshi1000 satoshi60 minVisit
    SatoshiWorldFaucetBoxInstant100 satoshi200 satoshi60 minVisit
    EasyBitcoinFaucetDirectMinimum-2000060 satoshi180 satoshi10 minVisit
    FoklersDirectMinimum-10000150 satoshi150 satoshi5 minVisit
    XBitCoinFaucetBoxInstant50 satoshi70 satoshi5 minVisit
    ClaimBTCDirectMinimum-20000150 satoshi400 satoshi20 minVisit
    Lead-in-InfoDirectMinimum-10000(Monday)500 satoshi1500 satoshi60 MinVisit
    TimeForBitcoinFaucetBoxMinimum-10000201 satoshi201 satoshi60 minVisit
    LeakyBitcoins2FaucetBoxInstant100 satoshi100000 satoshi30 minVisit
    WBitcoDirectMinimum-6000250 satoshi250 satoshi60 minVisit
    RecommendBitcoin FaucetPayment WalletPayment TypeMinimum RewardMaximum RewardIntervalLink
    DigitalGainDirectMinimum-80000200 satoshi2000 satoshi15 minVisit
    LeakyBitcoinsFaucetBoxInstant100 satoshi50000 satoshi30 minVisit
    BagsatoshiDirectMinimum-2000050 satoshi200 satoshi10 minVisit
    TakeFreeBitcoinDirectMinimum-2000055 satoshi140 satoshi5 minVisit
    WytewolfFaucetBoxInstant30 satoshi70 satoshi120 minVisit
    Crypto4FreeFaucetBoxInstant60 satoshi1000 satoshi5 minVisit
    DomusBTC-ruFaucetBoxInstant107 satoshi777 satoshi240 minVisit
    MoonBitCoinDirect & XapoMinimum-1000030 satoshi1029 satoshi5 minVisit
    DanceFaucetDirectMinimum-2000050 satoshi250 satoshi5 minVisit
    DomusBTC-gaFaucetBoxInstant107 satoshi777 satoshi240 minVisit
    RecommendBitcoin FaucetPayment WalletPayment TypeMinimum RewardMaximum RewardIntervalLink
    BonusBitcoinDirectMinimum-20000200 satoshi5000 satoshi15 minVisit
    WeatherXFaucetBoxMinimum-1000054 satoshi192 satoshi20 minVisit
    BitcoinMonsterFaucetBoxInstant100 satoshi100 satoshi120 minVisit
    BagBitcoinDirectMinimum-20000120 satoshi315 satoshi10 minVisit
    DailyDogeDirect & XapoMinimum-20000200 satoshi20000 satoshi5 minVisit
    SiizoFaucetBoxInstant55 satoshi55 satoshi3 minVisit
    ChronoxFaucetBoxInstant80 satoshi532 satoshi60 minVisit
    BRFaucetFaucetBoxInstant50 satoshi50 satoshi30 minVisit
    ChevauxFaucetBoxInstant500 satoshi500 satoshi480 minVisit
    FreeBitcoinBiilderFaucetBoxInstant100 satoshi500 satoshi60 minVisit
    RecommendBitcoin FaucetPayment WalletPayment TypeMinimum RewardMaximum RewardIntervalLink
    GetYourBitcoinFaucetBoxMinimum-1250 satoshi250 satoshi5 minVisit
    CarBitcoinDirectMinimum-20000100 satoshi600 satoshi60 minVisit
    FrogFaucetDirectMinimum-20000100 satoshi200000 satoshi10 minVisit
    Penta FaucetFaucetBoxInstant101 satoshi50000 satoshi60 minVisit
    BitcoinxFaucetBoxInstant50 satoshi850 satoshi15 minVisit
    SoleBtcDirectMinimum-100000110 satoshi3000 satoshi15 minVisit
    LotoBitcoinFaucetBoxInstant10 satoshi1000 satoshi120 minVisit
    FutureDigitalMoneyFaucetBoxMinimum-1200 satoshi10000 satoshi60 minVisit
    BitcoinAlienDirect & XapoMinimum-2000035 satoshi500 satoshi5 minVisit
    WeLoveBitcoinFaucetBoxMinimum-6000250 satoshi1000 satoshi60 minVisit
    RecommendBitcoin FaucetPayment WalletPayment TypeMinimum RewardMaximum RewardIntervalLink
    WildcoinsDirect & FaucetBoxMinimum-100120 satoshi520 satoshi60 minVisit
    BestChangeDirectMinimum-3000010 satoshi1000 satoshi30 minVisit
    AfreeBitcoinXapoInstant130 satoshi1000 satoshi60 minVisit
    FreeBitsDailyXapoInstant100 satoshi2000 satoshi25 minVisit
    RecommendBitcoin FaucetPayment WalletPayment TypeMinimum RewardMaximum RewardIntervalLink
    StoresxBoxXapoInstant100 satoshi1000 satoshi30 minVisit
    FaucettXapoInstant100 satoshi1000 satoshi60 minVisit
    XapoBTCXapoInstant200 satoshi8000 satoshi120 minVisit
    Viral-AlertXapoMinimum-15000300 satoshi500 satoshi30 minVisit
    WhaleBitcoinXapoInstant200 satoshi1000 satoshi60 minVisit
    PandaBitcoinXapoInstant100 satoshi1000 satoshi60 minVisit
    AnimalsCoinXapoInstant25 satoshi300 satoshi15 minVisit
    OnoxvoXapoInstant100 satoshi1000 satoshi45 minVisit
    AlienBitcoinXapoInstant100 satoshi10000 satoshi60 minVisit
    GanaBitsDiariosXapoInstant100 satoshi2000 satoshi25 minVisit
    RecommendBitcoin FaucetPayment WalletPayment TypeMinimum RewardMaximum RewardIntervalLink
    MovilBitsXapoInstant100 satoshi2000 satoshi15 minVisit
    FacilBitsXapoInstant100 satoshi2000 satoshi20 minVisit
    TaurusFaucetXapoInstant100 satoshi1000 satoshi30 minVisit
    CoffeeFaucetXapoInstant100 satoshi2000 satoshi30 minVisit
    SatoshiFreeXapoInstant200 satoshi600 satoshi60 minVisit
    BigCoinXapoInstant100 satoshi2000 satoshi30 minVisit
    Scratch4SatXapoInstant107 satoshi10000 satoshi60 minVisit
    XfaucetDigiEyeXapoInstant100 satoshi600 satoshi15 minVisit
    BtcSourceXapoInstant100 satoshi1000 satoshi60 minVisit
    GoldCoinJarXapoInstant500 satoshi3000 satoshi60 minVisit


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    * We don't accept faucets other than Bitcoins,
    * Note, some bitcoin faucets has different payout depend on
    your country and may vary on Current Bitcoin Price.


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    Even if the balance is often depleted.
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    Payment Wallet

    Sends payment Directly to your Bitcoin Wallet,
    Usually you need to look button to pay, orto pay once a
    week automatically.Typically, the minimum payment with
    such faucets 0.00015200 - 0.00100000 BTC, Like Coinbase, Blockchain, Etc..
    A system of micro payments for Bitcoin,The minimum payment
    on your wallet:For Bitcoin 0.00013000 BTC,
    payment usually within 1-2 days.
    Sends payment Directly to your Xapo Wallet instantly.
    You can chosse the payment wallet as your Wish,
    Usually you need to look button to pay and choose your preferable Wallet.

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